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Now That You’re Gone

Now that you’re gone
I think I miss U
It’s been too long
Since I’ve kissed 
I realize
I want U 2 stay
in my life
I remember when U said
you could see me 
as your wife
and other love obligations
pulled me away from
the love I want and need in my life
How could I not see that it 
was U I needed for life..
Now you took your love 
and went away..
Broken hearted
I pray to God 
he will send U back my way
and we can start again
and this time get things right..

I’m Lost Without You

I’m lost without you

I can’t seem to find my way

through this busy crowd

of emotions and unrequited love

How did I get here?

How do I find my way out?

Weren’t you the one who brought me here

You said you couldn’t do without my love


I am lost

I am lost without you

in my cosmic world


come back please and share my universe

I’m lost

loving you is like a curse..

Lost Love

It’s been several months now

Since I’ve seen your face or kissed your lips

My mind can’t seem 2 erase the thoughts

of you

Our time together

felt like bliss

Wishing those moments

could have lasted forever

Most of all on days like this

I miss your warm embrace

That look of love on your face

But U gave your love away

to another 

And now I sit alone

Singing this sad song..

It’s been too long since 

I’ve seen you

Tell me how have you been?

How is life with the one who moved

in to my spot in your heart?